VideoMitter - out performs others
VideoMitter Mk2

Mk2 VideoMitters Digital Transceivers

Digital Data Transmission
for cleaner, sharper images over longer distances
Privacy Pairing Function
for private video transmission, helping comply with the DPA
Reverse IR Transmission
sends IR signals from receiver to transmitter for remote control
Handshake Routine
2 way reporting for maximum security
Whisper Mode
listens for data at a low power for energy efficiency

The VideoMitters are a breakthrough in the transmission of video signals.

By digitising the video & audio signals, far superior performance can be achieved in transmission distance and received image & audio quality.

The innovative VideoMitters can also transmit IR data in the reverse direction to the transmitted audio and video signals allowing any device that uses a hand held IR remote to be controlled from a different room or location without wires.

Simple, effective and low cost, the VideoMitter is an installer's dream product saving money on cabling and labour with outstanding results.

Compatible with analogue.


MITKIT: Tx and Rx unit with antennas; x2 Phono-BNC; Converter; x2 AV cables; and x2 IR extension leads


  • 2.4Ghz Frequency
  • Up to 20 pairs on 1 site
  • Auto channel selection
  • 12V DC - Terminal Strip
  • Current - 200mA
  • 300mA + 12V PSU required
  • Video Connection - 1x Phono Inputs
  • Audio Connection - 2x Phono Inputs
  • IR Socket
  • Antenna - RP SMA Female
  • Unit Size-113 x 95 x 25mm
  • Range - up to 200m clear line of sight, up to 1.2km with extra antennas

How To Monitor