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VideoMitters are video & audio wireless transceivers. They send digital video & audio up to 1.2km (using the required antenna) with out the use of cabling.

With the standard antenna up to 200m. However, we have a range of antenna which can give you up to a 1.2km range.

If using several transmitters in the same location try to keep them 1m or more apart. Also it is good practice to fit directional antennas where multiple pairs are used. This also applies to the receivers, try and keep them 1m apart.

Yes, this will transmit whatever the DVR is outputting. An added extra is that you can control the DVR from the Receiver end, where you can transmit IR codes from the IR remote control. This means IR codes for controlling a PTZ camera can be transmitted to a DVR which has a PTZ connected to it.

Line of sight means no physical obstacles are in the path of the microwave transmission and the antennas can actually see each other.

The VideoMitter can be installed externally provided you used a suitably IP rated plastic enclosure to house it.

The simple answer is yes. Although there are exceptions, primarily private households and some organisations, there is a duty by all scheme operators to respect an individual's privacy and basic human rights. This means ensuring that if individuals are likely to be captured on a CCTV system, that they must to be informed of such using appropriate signage.

According to the guidelines for good CCTV practice, when a person enters an area where CCTV images are being recorded of them, they should be made aware of this by visible signage.

More information can be found at the web site and at the Information Commissioner's Office web site.

If "no video signal" is displayed but the power LEDs are permanently lit on both the Transmitter and Receiver, the units are paired. The "No Video Signal" is displayed if the units are setup without a video input. Ensure a video or camera signal is connected to the TX input.

The video stream is no longer being transmitted. Check that the power LED on the Transmitter is permanently lit. If not check the power supply is delivering 12v DC.

If the distance is within range but you do not have line of sight, then the problem may be due to obstacles screening the video signal.

Although the LED is labelled as a power LED, it has two functions. The initial illumination tells you that the unit has detected power and when the power LED finally displays a permanent LED light on both units, it tells you that the units are paired and are able to transmit and receive.

Ensure that the Black IR lead is connected to the MIT250 RX unit and the Orange IR lead to the MIT200 TX. The IR transmission only works when the IR Remote controller is aimed at the Black IR sensor. The Orange IR sensor must be connected to the MIT200 and directed at the front of the DVR where the IR sensor resides.

This could mean that there is no power to the Transmitter or Receiver. They are not paired. Check that the power light comes on when power is applied. Check the same at the transmitter.

If using multiple transmitters and receivers at a site, ensure that the receivers are at least 1m apart.

It is because the receiver and transmitter can not connect to each other this can be caused by one or more of the following combinations.

The IR from the orange lead only transmits a short distance to the device its being used to control, therefore please place the end of this lead within 0.5m of the IR input.

Contact your installer for repairs. If you cannot contact them then use the online form to contact us and we will provide you with a list of local installers who will be able to help you.

To seek support for your VideoMitter, contact your installer.

We cannot support you direct, however, please use the online form to contact us and we can send you a contact list of local installers who will be able to offer you support.

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